The +1-Button and its impact on search engine rankings

Facebook’s “Like”-Button today seems to be one of the most wide spread terms of the social media branch and probably the internet in general. With Google+, Google now launched something like the equivalent, the Google “+1”-Button.

More and more pages start to implement the button into their homepage. However, what is the intention and is really useful and necessary?

Google explains the impact of the “+1”-Button on the search ranking results follows:

Similarly to the Like-Button, +1 has a impact, if some of your friends “+1ed” a specific page Concretely, this means, that if you search for specific keywords, the homepage that is “+1ed” by your friend will be higher ranked than without the +1. Of course, you therefore have to be logged in in your Gmail-account and be connected with the profile of the friend that “+1ed”.

To sum up, this means that the +1 Button will become significantly important with a growing Google+ network. The more people you have in your circles, the stronger the impact of the +1s of others will be for the Google ranking. For this reason, once again Google was able to launch a very wise combination of products and tools, as Google+ triggers the use of the +1 Buttons and the other way round, too.

Marketers, PR-Experts and SEO-specialist should therefore quickly add the +1 Button to their homepage to be an early adopter and grow in a new niche, which did not exist until now. Especially with many customers having a Gmail-account and regularly searching while being logged in, the +1 Button can bring several quick wins in the ranking of your homepage. So don’t be cautious, believe in Google’s new social media approach and quickly build up a broad network of people in Google+. It will be your homepage and therefore your company to profit.

For more information read:


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