Google+ and strong KPIs let “explode” share prize

After months of critics about Google’s alleged inability to grow, yesterday the KPIs for the second quarter were announced. The news are: Google definitely does not have lost its ability to grow! On the contrary: With more than 35% growth in sales and a profit of 2,51 billion dollars, Google once again seems like THE star company of the internet – despite Facebook, despite LinkedIn in all the other Web 2.0 company crashing the stock exchanges with their latest or planned IPOs.

One of the factor’s for the strong result and the exploding share prize yesterday, surely also was Google+. Google’s new social network, the youngest but surely most serious Facebook competitor also yesterday reported to have reached the border of 10 million users – within 2 weeks and still with limited possibility to register on one’s own (actually only after invitations).

Consequently, the share prize went up for almost 13% yesterday, leaving many investors with a smile on their face for this weekend.

Google+ surely will follow his path to broader success. For now, it is acutally not even in Beta phase, making the great interest in it even more impressive. By the end of the month, Google still plans to open Google+ registration for everyone also without an invitation. The will be curious to learn what huge impact that may have one the millions of internet users worldwide.


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