Google+ on your iPhone

After launching an Android App right with the start of Google+, Google-manager Vic Gundotra today announced that iPhone-users have from today also the chance to download an app for their mobile device and to share their news within their circle also when they are “on the road”.

The app supports the Circle-functions as well as the the group chat function “Huddle”.

Unfortunately, the app is not yet available for the iPad, but naturally with growing importance of Google+, there will be a solution for Apple’s tablet device, too.

Of course, the app can be downloaded for free in the iTunes-Store.

Robert Scoble, named as one of the 5 most important and influential Twitter users, today shared its first impressions of the app (of course) via Google+. His first conclusion however was, that there are still some errors/bugs in the app, making the usage a bit stressful. In contrast, other “test-users” reported that the app worked perfectly well on their iPhone.

So to summarize, it is definitely good news to also have an iPhone-app for Google+. There might be some weaknesses at the moment, but parallely to Google+ itself, Google for sure will learn and improve these products continously and quickly.