GooglePlus to open up for everyone on Monday?

To summarize the start of Google+, Google’s respond to 750 million user social network Facebook, in one word: “amazing”.

Amazing – the time until the launch with as many speculations as speculators.

Amazing – Google’s concept to start with an “Invitation-only” concept during the beta-phase.

Amazing – the incredibly high growth rate in terms of users  (over 20 millions) after only three weeks, despite the registration-limitation.

And finally amazing – that rumours say Google+ would already start losing users or – to be more specific – losing 5% of the total amount of visits during the last week and having a decline of the average on-page time per visit of 10% (see here).

Stats, which are somewhat disquieting, but not yet dramatic. Still, Google has to quickly discover, that social networks live from their openness. Obviously, this is the only way to gather a lot of people in the network, what eventually is the vital key prerequisite for all of us to use a social network. The old rule – the larger the network, the larger its benefits and possible synergies become – still holds true, also and yet especially for “Mr Internet” Google. Therefore they announced to open up the registration process to everyone by next Monday, August 1. This seems like the perfect timing of Google for this next step. They should have had enough time to learn about their new product, to improve some features and to be ready and prepared (e.g. concerning server capacity) to really launch GooglePlus on Monday without the beta-status for the entire world.

For us users, that only can be good. With more users, an easier registration-process and Google’s huge know-how to implement such ingenious features like Circles, Hangouts or Sparks, GooglePlus might be the web-combination and full-service solution of this decade – if not more.


Google+ to start business version

Today, Google announced to have set their internal deadline for the launch of the business version of their new social network Google+ for this Friday (July 22).

Within this new platform, companies will be able to present themselves with a special Google-Business-Profile. Like with the “normal” version, Google at first will start to open the business profiles only to some companies that become test users. Google itself selected the few firms that will join the Google+ project for businesses from the start. For all other companies Google strongly recommends to not create business profiles within the “normal” version of Google+. As with celebrity fake accounts, Google unmistakably announced to delete all these profiles to prevent misusage. Still companies like Ford Motors or the Sesame Street are already frequenting Google+ with personal/private profiles, officially declaring to experiment around with the new social site.

In the meantime, the exact functions of Google+ Business are not yet clear. However, if one imagines the potential opportunities such as an easy communication directly with target groups (after having seperated different customer groups in different circles), the enormous possibilities become clear. In contrast to Facebook, in Google+ marketing activities can be much better managed as relevant customer groups can be identified more easily and therefore can be attracted more efficiently via posts in the respective circles.

For all companies having not been selected for the first public test phase – just stay relaxed. As Google is improving its products continously, the official launch of the self-registration function will be opened up completely during the next couple of weeks, for sure.

Google+ on your iPhone

After launching an Android App right with the start of Google+, Google-manager Vic Gundotra today announced that iPhone-users have from today also the chance to download an app for their mobile device and to share their news within their circle also when they are “on the road”.

The app supports the Circle-functions as well as the the group chat function “Huddle”.

Unfortunately, the app is not yet available for the iPad, but naturally with growing importance of Google+, there will be a solution for Apple’s tablet device, too.

Of course, the app can be downloaded for free in the iTunes-Store.

Robert Scoble, named as one of the 5 most important and influential Twitter users, today shared its first impressions of the app (of course) via Google+. His first conclusion however was, that there are still some errors/bugs in the app, making the usage a bit stressful. In contrast, other “test-users” reported that the app worked perfectly well on their iPhone.

So to summarize, it is definitely good news to also have an iPhone-app for Google+. There might be some weaknesses at the moment, but parallely to Google+ itself, Google for sure will learn and improve these products continously and quickly.

The +1-Button and its impact on search engine rankings

Facebook’s “Like”-Button today seems to be one of the most wide spread terms of the social media branch and probably the internet in general. With Google+, Google now launched something like the equivalent, the Google “+1”-Button.

More and more pages start to implement the button into their homepage. However, what is the intention and is really useful and necessary?

Google explains the impact of the “+1”-Button on the search ranking results follows:

Similarly to the Like-Button, +1 has a impact, if some of your friends “+1ed” a specific page Concretely, this means, that if you search for specific keywords, the homepage that is “+1ed” by your friend will be higher ranked than without the +1. Of course, you therefore have to be logged in in your Gmail-account and be connected with the profile of the friend that “+1ed”.

To sum up, this means that the +1 Button will become significantly important with a growing Google+ network. The more people you have in your circles, the stronger the impact of the +1s of others will be for the Google ranking. For this reason, once again Google was able to launch a very wise combination of products and tools, as Google+ triggers the use of the +1 Buttons and the other way round, too.

Marketers, PR-Experts and SEO-specialist should therefore quickly add the +1 Button to their homepage to be an early adopter and grow in a new niche, which did not exist until now. Especially with many customers having a Gmail-account and regularly searching while being logged in, the +1 Button can bring several quick wins in the ranking of your homepage. So don’t be cautious, believe in Google’s new social media approach and quickly build up a broad network of people in Google+. It will be your homepage and therefore your company to profit.

For more information read:

Google+ in Wikipedia

Finally, Google+ even made it to the encyclopedia (almost) everyone uses today: Wikipedia. Compared to the Facebook article, the Google+ entry still is relatively short, but since Wikipedia is open for editing to everyone, with an augmenting number of members, the article will certainly be perfected, soonly.

For us users the Google+ is certainly helpful to obtain a first general understanding of the key functions, which are presented in the article as typical for Wikipedia. Additionally the article contains several information on Google+’s impact on ‘the Google-World’ as well as its political effects (e.g. blocking in China). Finally, the entry draws various comparisons to ‘Big Facebook’, as it shall be Google+ to seriously challenge the world’s biggest social network so far. Therefore several interesting references and links to Web- and especially Soc. Network and Facebook-Statistics are ammended to the article.

So, if you’d like to get a first overview on Google+, just follow the link below and read what world’s new memory says:

Top-Twitterer Robert Scoble to share his tips for Google+

Robert Scoble was named as one of the 5 most influential Twitterers worldwide by the FT. Of course, he was also one of the first to test the new Google+.

After alsmost two weeks of intense using (more than 30.000!!! Followers already!), he really is enthiusiastic about the innovative functions.

However, since not erveryone of us can belong to the Top-Twitterers, Facebook-Stars or Google+ Champions, Robert Scoble shares his first tips for Google+ beginners with us, making the start easy for all of us.

Follow his (various) profiles (links below) and learn from one of the best:!/scobleizer

First tips and tricks for Google+

Everybody knows the functions of Facebook, but still, when facebook was new, it also was difficult to use at the beginning. With Google+ it is not much different. Although handling is relatively intuitive, there are some features one has to get used to at the start. Circles, Sparks and Hangouts – nice functions, but how to use them appropriately?

Here is a link to a website where 10 tips and tricks are presented that facilitate the start with great Google+.

Have fun trying them!