GooglePlus to open up for everyone on Monday?

To summarize the start of Google+, Google’s respond to 750 million user social network Facebook, in one word: “amazing”.

Amazing – the time until the launch with as many speculations as speculators.

Amazing – Google’s concept to start with an “Invitation-only” concept during the beta-phase.

Amazing – the incredibly high growth rate in terms of users  (over 20 millions) after only three weeks, despite the registration-limitation.

And finally amazing – that rumours say Google+ would already start losing users or – to be more specific – losing 5% of the total amount of visits during the last week and having a decline of the average on-page time per visit of 10% (see here).

Stats, which are somewhat disquieting, but not yet dramatic. Still, Google has to quickly discover, that social networks live from their openness. Obviously, this is the only way to gather a lot of people in the network, what eventually is the vital key prerequisite for all of us to use a social network. The old rule – the larger the network, the larger its benefits and possible synergies become – still holds true, also and yet especially for “Mr Internet” Google. Therefore they announced to open up the registration process to everyone by next Monday, August 1. This seems like the perfect timing of Google for this next step. They should have had enough time to learn about their new product, to improve some features and to be ready and prepared (e.g. concerning server capacity) to really launch GooglePlus on Monday without the beta-status for the entire world.

For us users, that only can be good. With more users, an easier registration-process and Google’s huge know-how to implement such ingenious features like Circles, Hangouts or Sparks, GooglePlus might be the web-combination and full-service solution of this decade – if not more.


Google+ Invitation

For everyone desperately looking for an invitation for Google+ (as I was), here is the chance to easily receive this invitation. Just leave me your Googlemail-address (comment this post) and I will invite you to the world’s greatest Social Media-Network immediately.

Of course I will not give away your addresses or any personal data and I will delete your posts, as soon as the invitation was successful.

After having received your invitation, I would be really thankful if you could just shortly return to this page an +1 it. You of course can also share this page on Facebook, Twitter or any other channel you may use. Thanks a lot!

I only can say, that after one day testing, I already don’t want to miss Google+!

Let’s make it a real big thing, together…


Everybody wants it, an invitation to new, highly innovative Social Network from Google: Google+.

Google+ is Googles answer to the rising menace of 600-million-member social network Facebook and its augmenting power in the online-ads-market.

For information about what’s new in Google+, please see the corresponding video-tour on or visit the Google+ project page itself on