Facebook vs. Google+ – a status update for the battle

713,6 mn (unique!)visitors Facebook had only in May! Figures like this one seem to raise Facebook in an inviolable position in the social media business. However, in the fight for “us” – the users – Google’s Google+ rapidly gains speed in terms of growth (cf. graphic on this page). While Facebook needed some 850 days to reach the border of 10 mn users, Google+ gained the same amount in only 16(!!!) days after its launch on July, 1. Also compared to Twitter (780 days) this seems to be a “never-seen-and-never-will-be-seen-again” growth even in the generally fast expanding world of the internet.

Of course, there always have been seen some fast emerging stars in the Sillicon Valleys of this world that eventually began to fall as quickly as they were rising. However, the minimum 20 mn users Google+ at the moment has, are quite a good start. And with all the Google know-how in the background and the advantages in terms of customer satisfaction (cf. Post “Google Plus significantly leads Facebook in terms of customer satisfaction“), Google+ seems ready for what will probably become THE social media battle of our time.

Find more information on the battle Facebook vs. Google+ graphically illustrated on this page.