Google+ in Wikipedia

Finally, Google+ even made it to the encyclopedia (almost) everyone uses today: Wikipedia. Compared to the Facebook article, the Google+ entry still is relatively short, but since Wikipedia is open for editing to everyone, with an augmenting number of members, the article will certainly be perfected, soonly.

For us users the Google+ is certainly helpful to obtain a first general understanding of the key functions, which are presented in the article as typical for Wikipedia. Additionally the article contains several information on Google+’s impact on ‘the Google-World’ as well as its political effects (e.g. blocking in China). Finally, the entry draws various comparisons to ‘Big Facebook’, as it shall be Google+ to seriously challenge the world’s biggest social network so far. Therefore several interesting references and links to Web- and especially Soc. Network and Facebook-Statistics are ammended to the article.

So, if you’d like to get a first overview on Google+, just follow the link below and read what world’s new memory says:


Top-Twitterer Robert Scoble to share his tips for Google+

Robert Scoble was named as one of the 5 most influential Twitterers worldwide by the FT. Of course, he was also one of the first to test the new Google+.

After alsmost two weeks of intense using (more than 30.000!!! Followers already!), he really is enthiusiastic about the innovative functions.

However, since not erveryone of us can belong to the Top-Twitterers, Facebook-Stars or Google+ Champions, Robert Scoble shares his first tips for Google+ beginners with us, making the start easy for all of us.

Follow his (various) profiles (links below) and learn from one of the best:!/scobleizer

First tips and tricks for Google+

Everybody knows the functions of Facebook, but still, when facebook was new, it also was difficult to use at the beginning. With Google+ it is not much different. Although handling is relatively intuitive, there are some features one has to get used to at the start. Circles, Sparks and Hangouts – nice functions, but how to use them appropriately?

Here is a link to a website where 10 tips and tricks are presented that facilitate the start with great Google+.

Have fun trying them!

Google+ Invitation

For everyone desperately looking for an invitation for Google+ (as I was), here is the chance to easily receive this invitation. Just leave me your Googlemail-address (comment this post) and I will invite you to the world’s greatest Social Media-Network immediately.

Of course I will not give away your addresses or any personal data and I will delete your posts, as soon as the invitation was successful.

After having received your invitation, I would be really thankful if you could just shortly return to this page an +1 it. You of course can also share this page on Facebook, Twitter or any other channel you may use. Thanks a lot!

I only can say, that after one day testing, I already don’t want to miss Google+!

Let’s make it a real big thing, together…


Everybody wants it, an invitation to new, highly innovative Social Network from Google: Google+.

Google+ is Googles answer to the rising menace of 600-million-member social network Facebook and its augmenting power in the online-ads-market.

For information about what’s new in Google+, please see the corresponding video-tour on or visit the Google+ project page itself on